Protect and Serve is an original piece of serial fiction, set in a futuristic city. Life is hard – crime and poverty run rampant, subversive groups threaten the destruction of the city from within, and foreign agents sow dissent and sabotage. It’s up to the men and woman of the police force to hold back the tide of anarchy.

By any means necessary.


Protect and Serve is a side project of mine, which means that I do not at this time have a set update schedule. At the very least, I’ll be aiming for updates at least once a month. Obviously, the more interest and support, the more I’m likely to update.


This is a story with dark content, and there are not going to be any trigger warnings. While I don’t at this time have plans for such themes as rape or child abuse to enter the narrative, this does not mean that it will not change in future. I’m writing by the seat of my pants, as it were, with only the vaguest of ideas as to which direction the plot is heading. Again, this means that I will not provide warnings as to what content will appear.


On the upside, this also means that your input may alter the direction the narrative takes. While this is not a collaborative effort, and I am not writing what readers tell me to, I will be taking reader feedback into consideration.


About the author

I live in Australia, with a loving partner, a kitten, and far too many rats.

I’ve been writing since I was a teenager under various different pseudonyms. I got my start writing fan-fiction, as well as original works. I’m currently working on my first full-length novel, with Protect and Serve being a side project whenever I feel like a change of pace.

It also serves as something which might make writing a little easier. Since my late teens I’ve suffered from a rare sleep disorder, which makes it very difficult to keep up the effort on any long-term project. The serial fiction format should help with that – by knowing that I have readers, and knowing that they enjoy my work, I can fight off my health issues, sit down, and write. So thank you, anonymous reader, for your support.


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